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Special recommendations for breeding:

Very well built male, with rich pigmentation and good expression.

Dutch Team Ulmental

IPO 3 | Birth Date: 11/4/2014

Lifetime Breed Survey | DM Clear | V Rated

Large, medium strong male with with full pigment and expressive head. High withers, good back line, croup slightly sloping at good length. Good advantages and very good rear, hard angles. Very good chest ratios, straight front. At the front straight, right back- slightly hack-tight kicking which shows powerful movement with very good stride. Being safe, TSB pronounced.

Cach Haus Jackson

IPO 1 | Birth Date: 11/02/2016

Medium/Large male with full pigment and very good expression. Correct front. Moves correctly coming and going. Nice topline. Sure character, TSB pronounced.


Yucon vom Deutschen Eck

V57 BSZS | IGP3 | KKL | Handler-Owner-Trained

Birth Date: 8/5/2019


HD/ED: OFA-Good/Normal SV: Normal/Normal

V Thiago von der Piste Trophe

V Paula vom Deutchen Eck

Large, medium strength, substantial, good expression, good proportions, good pigment, strong head, dark eyes, high wither, firm straight back, slightly downward sloping croup that could be a little longer. Front good, rear very well angulated. Steps forward, straight, remains very sublime. TSB pronounced.